About GardenPrue

GardenPure is an online blog dedicated to the wide variety of gardening products such as bamboo canes and stakes, anti-weed nets, substrates and flowerpots for plants, among others. But, when was this online store born? Where did the idea come from? I will solve these and more questions for you along these lines.

When and why was GardenPure born?

GardenPure did not come out of nowhere but this blog began its physical journey in the lawn of our home  since 2000 where different materials of gardening mainly to professionals and nurserymen from nearby locations.

After more than twenty years taking care of the garden, reading gardening books and magazines and participating in forums, I decided to start writing this blog, a place where I collected knowledge, photos that have served as inspiration and the evolution of our own garden.

I like to visit other blogs on the net, I have a long list of interesting sites from which I learn a lot of new things. It is very interesting to read to people from anywhere in the world who care to show us their knowledge. Sometimes I show useful ideas or photographs that I find in my readings and I think they may interest those who read what I write.

Our goal is to bring you the best of everything about gardening, from tips for beginners to the more advanced green thumb gardeners, thorough guides to learn more about building your soil and planting for specific conditions like shade or direct sun, and troubleshooting tips for dealing with pests and plant diseases.


I hope you like our Garden Guide blog and be useful. I would love to know that there are people who have become fond of and manage to take good care of plants thanks to our tips, advice and suggestions .

When I started, our plants were dying too. But thanks to the information and experiences that others provided us, I learned. I now believe that sharing our learning can be beneficial to other people .

I hope you enjoy reading and become a great gardener or gardener.


Since GardenPure is a personal blog, I may write about non-plant topics from time to time . Traveling, cooking or making natural remedies for personal use are other activities that I like and I love sharing them with you.

I live to walk around the house. This was a winter walk and I was accompanied by our dog.

I like to cook with the vegetables I collect from the garden. This is a recipe for creppes stuffed with zucchini

A natural remedy to repel mosquitoes that can be made with herbs from the garden


GardenPure and other featured services

In addition to the online store, at GardenPure I also saw the need of some customers to know more about this sector. Due to this, I decided to create two spaces within our website:

1. Gardening Tips : It is a section where I offer different gardening tips. It is also a space where I publish relevant posts for those who consider themselves a lover of agriculture.

2. News: This section is dedicated exclusively to the publication of articles that better explain some of our products. It is a recommended space for those who are not very clear about the use of some items (such as how to train plants with bamboo canes).