Gasoline Lawn Mower Buying Guide

The good weather begins the growth rate of the grass wakes up from winter and begins to grow with more rhythm. You may have recently sown and do not have a proper mower yet. Or you simply need to replace your old machine with a new one because it has broken down. Here we list the best gasoline lawn mowers according to your needs.

There are many factors to choose a lawnmower or another, but there is one that is decisive when choosing the type of lawnmower in terms of its power unit, gasoline or electric, and it is mainly the garden extension.

Buy an electric lawn mower if:

  • You have less than 600 m2 of garden
  • You don’t want to do maintenance on the machine.

Buy a gasoline lawn mower if:

  • Your garden is more than 600 m2
  • Maintenance and gasoline are not a problem


  • Once we have decided that the lawnmower we need is gasoline, we enter the Einhell world to begin with its good prices and its characteristics well above what we pay.
  • This model stands out for its large 46 cm cutting width that will make you have to take fewer passes thanks to its large steel blade.
  • Powered by a self -made 4-stroke engine with more than enough power for the tasks of a medium-large garden thanks to its 3 horses (22ooW approx.).
  • The capacity of your bag is 55 L , more than enough to not be emptying too often.
  • The only “but” that can be attributed to this model is its weight with almost 32 kg. Added to which you carry cut grass in the bag when it is full, it would be a bit heavy to carry if it weren’t for its rear-wheel drive (disconnectable) so that you only have to guide it.


Technical specifications:

  •  Potencia 2200w /3 hp
  • Cutting width 46 cm
  • Bag capacity 55 L
  • 7 cut levels
  • Weight: 31.4 kg
  • Self-propelled
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Directly we are going to go to the best seller with the best evaluation of the entire catalog. A quality machine, somewhat more expensive than the previous one although we believe that it is worth the outlay.

The sensation when seeing it is of total robustness . It doesn’t flaunt aggressive shapes or colored plastic cases or things like that. It is of a sobriety that we particularly love. But these are only our appreciations.

Its powerful low emission Briggs & Stratton E-Series 4-stroke engine is the strong heart that drives this grass cutting beast. Its 4hp (almost 3000W ) can with everything for many square meters of lawn.

The capacity of the bag is one of the largest in this type of gasoline mower (60L) but thanks to the previous engine and its constant speed of 3.6 km / h , carrying the bag full will be an effortless ride.

Like the previous one, it has a large cutting width of 46 cm and speeds up the cut to 28mm, being able to lift it up to 92 in 6 cutting levels.

This Murray gasoline mower has a mulching system . A system for crushing the lawn and expelling it to the grass assuming a supply of natural nitrogen fertilizer. What was spent by the plant returns to the earth.

It therefore has 4 modes. Rear discharge, mulching, side discharge and bag collection.

Folding bar to reduce storage space.

The entire chassis of this Murray is made of steel and its large wheels facilitate traction on not very smooth terrain. That added to its traction we will achieve unmatched maneuverability . In addition, its weight is 28kg. For a machine of these characteristics it is truly a feat.


Technical specifications:

  •  Power 3000W / 4 hp
  • Cutting width 46 cm
  • Bag capacity 60 L
  • Weight: 28 kg
  • 6 cutting levels (28mm to 92mm)
  • Modo mulching
  • Ergonomic folding bar
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Without in electrical machinery we have Bosch as the German benchmark for quality, first-class materials, construction … in gasoline lawn mowers Honda maintains the hegemony of quality, eternal, reliable engines, the best benefits but also prices that are at least double. Nobody gives 4 pesetas hard as my grandfather used to say.

This model is not one of the most expensive of Honda but it is already a price to think about it.

Despite being gasoline engines, Honda engines are quieter than the competition. This one in particular, the GCV160 reduces noise by 30% thanks to its compact design.

This model is not self-propelled, a shame in our opinion, for the price it has, but thanks to its light chassis and its compact engine, the total weight is 28.5 kg , a very manageable weight for this type of mower.

It has one of the lowest cutting height in gasoline models, reaching 2 cm.

Technical specifications:

  • Honda GCV160 4-stroke engine
  • Potencia 4,4 hp / 3300W
  • Cutting width 41 cm
  • Bag capacity 50 L
  • Weight: 28.5 kg
  • 6 levels of cut (2 – 7.4 cm)
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Crown jewel. Our favorite gasoline lawn mower of all. This is already something premium and it pays. Husqvarna’s are fitted with Honda engines on many of their models, ensuring unmatched propulsion reliability.

But it is that the care and R&D behind Husqvarna’s cutting mechanics, its finishes and high-quality construction materials, deserve that you at least know that it exists.

The crown blade made of steel has a very studied shape that helps to cut and collect the grass.

Of course it has a Honda OHC GCV160 engine like Honda’s previous 4 horsepower (2800W) self-propelled with a variable speed up to 4.8 km / h.

It is the widest mowing width of the walk-behind mowers with its fabulous 56 cm mowing width.

Of course you have the option of mulching the grass with very fine sizes to remove it from the side.


Technical specifications:

  •  Engine: Honda 4-stroke 2800W / 4 hp
  • Cutting width 56 cm
  • Bag capacity 68 L
  • Weight: 37.7 kg
  • 3 levels of cut (32-108 mm)
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  • First of all the fact of not having a cable. It is the first notable advantage of a gasoline lawn mower. Not having to depend on an uncomfortable 50 meter cable that has to be coiled and unwound every time we cut.
  • They are undoubtedly much more powerful machines , for gardens of a size greater than 600-700 m2. Its cutting and crushing power in those that have mulching mode is much higher.
  • The cutting width is somewhat greater because its power is greater.
  • Autonomy is undoubtedly another of its great advantages that no electric battery mower will surpass.
  • Those that are self-propelled allow uneven grass cuts and especially steep slopes .
  • Well cared for, they last for many years .

They also have disadvantages compared to an electric lawnmower:

  • They are noisier and more polluting.
  • The engine requires some maintenance and care.
  • You have to be very aware of the oil, filter, fuel … It is still a small combustion engine, even if it is single cylinder.
  • Cold starting can cost a bit. It requires skill and knowing the machine well, priming it correctly and following the manual. The electrics are plug and cut.
  • They are heavier so we recommend those that have traction and even if you have to push, they can carry themselves. You just direct. If they are not self-propelled, it will cost more to carry them.



In the size of the garden as we mentioned at the beginning. It is essential for a correct choice.


  • We look at the weight and secondly whether they are self-propelled or not. Because a lot of weight and no wheel drive can be a poor choice if the terrain is rough or steep.


  • It will determine the type of gasoline mower you need based on the meters of your garden. The type of engine (more powerful) will also lead to higher consumption . In general, unless we go to semi-professional or professional sectors, the internal combustion engines in a lawnmower do not have a power problem. They widely exceed all 1800W.


  • Normally above 50L of bag capacity they are usually self-propelled. It is a question of weight of the machine + weight of grass when pushing for 1 hour or 2 something that can reach 40kg.
  • Bagless are those with the mulching option . These shred the grass and even the leaves. It is really an option to take into account because then large amounts of grass are generated that end up in the garbage.
  • Rigid bags weigh more but can have more capacity.


  • For very large and / or steep surfaces, this is the option to consider. In gasoline, better self-propelled without weighing more than 28-30kg.


  • The size of the blade will influence the width of the cut. The gasoline ones, having more power, can reach cutting widths of more than 50cm.
  • The cutting height is usually not a relevant choice factor unless you have a golf green in part of your garden. In that case you will need a cutting height almost at ground level. You will have to look for models that have it. If that’s not your case, all mowers have more than enough variable cutting heights .

Welcome to The GardenPure! My name is Ryan Heagle, and I’m the founder of The GardenPure, I spent the first part of my adult life teaching and then living in Australia in various business ventures, the first of which was a business devoted to the sale of house plants.  I am now a full time blogger. I am a self taught gardener.

Ryan Heagle

Welcome to The GardenPure! My name is Ryan Heagle, and I’m the founder of The GardenPure, I spent the first part of my adult life teaching and then living in Australia in various business ventures, the first of which was a business devoted to the sale of house plants.  I am now a full time blogger. I am a self taught gardener.

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