Top cactus with flowers for your garden or terrace

The cactus with flowers can step seamlessly into home decoration. This is one of those fundamental aspects to feel comfortable after a hard day’s work, just as the interior of the house deserves love and attention, the care of the garden should not be different.

Many times, people do not have enough time available to dedicate to so many activities, so that those who seek to decorate their garden in a practical way and that this does not become something demanding have the excellent option of arranging the garden with cacti .

The use of flowering cacti for the garden is something that has become notoriously popular in recent years and is that the accelerated pace of life requires finding versatile solutions to continue enjoying the floral aesthetics in the garden.  


Cacti are succulent plants that make up the Cactaceae family and are characterized by accumulating large amounts of water in their parenchyma compared to other plant species, it is this condition that makes them so resistant to the harsh and hot climate typical of the desert.

Cacti are native to the American continent, having representatives in deserts of the United States, Argentina and Chile, mainly, although they can be found in other parts of the world thanks to the dissemination caused by migratory flows.

When it comes to cacti that have flowers, whether they are cylindrical, spherical or branched, the floral species are quite varied, being able to observe flowers of different shades of color and units per cactus.

Even in the case of cacti, they can receive the visit of some pests and diseases.


Cacti undoubtedly have a peculiar appeal thanks to their shapes and pointed spines, but among all the existing varieties there are some rare flowering cactus types that deserve mention for their incredible appearance.


This cactus has a really unique shape, as its structure resembles a stone with a polished or rough surface. Its strange shape occurs thanks to the coupling of two leaves that are held together and form a fissure through which a single flower and new leaves emerge. Its flowers are very similar to daisies and can be white or yellow with a slight fragrance.


Known by its scientific name as Cephalocereus senilis , it is a cylindrical cactus that has a curious attraction, it is covered by a large number of white hairs that gives it its popular name. Cabeza de viejo is endemic to Mexico, it has red, yellow or white flowers, reaching 2 meters in height after about 10 to 20 years of planting.


This is one of the rare cacti with the most showy flowers in terms of aesthetics. It has multiple branches that are arranged one on top of the other, although thin they are very dense in spines and resemble the tail of a rat. Its flowers emerge from the branches with an intense fuchsia color, which give an incredible contrast of colors to the garden.


Undoubtedly, cacti with pink flowers give an incredible appeal to the garden or terrace due to the great color contrast they provide.

So, for lovers of this vibrant color, the ideal is to have cacti such as the biznaguita or Mamillaria microhelia , a small spherical cactus native to Mexico in which a crown of small intense pink flowers sprouts with yellow touches, the cactus rat’s tail, with pretty pink flowers that are distributed along its ramifications, or red cactus, a species from which a broad flower sprouts with a soft pink crown.


The red flowers are very striking and it does not happen differently with cacti, where this color has a quite interesting intensity that, when mixed with other colors, creates a very impressive visual appeal.

In this case, it is advisable to decorate the garden with cacti such as Aylostera or Rebutia muscula , a globose cactus that presents beautiful flowers that show a color gradient from orange to deep red. Or Christmas cactus, a kind of flattened leaves that emerge from the apex of the branch with a soft red hue.


Cacti with yellow flowers give a lot of energy to the place where they are because of their fresh color.

If you are looking for a slightly more traditional garden decoration that allows you to combine with other types of plants, the ideal is to have cacti such as Parodia , a beautiful spherical species that surprises with its crown of flowers with a soft yellow tone. Astrophytum asterias , another small globose from which a single yellow flower emerges on its base, or old man’s head, the exotic cylindrical cactus full of white hairs from which peculiar yellow flowers emerge.


In general, cacti are armed with thorns, a peculiar adaptation of the leaves to reduce the surface that perspires and save water, as well as to protect themselves from some predators.

But there are also flowering cactus species that lack thorns, mainly because they have managed to blend in with the environment around them and do not need that additional protection. Many of these can be considered rare cactus species because of their shape, but they bloom beautifully.

Among the spineless cacti with flowers are the very famous Lithops, known for its stone appearance. Astrophytum asterias , with the unique beauty of its flower on its small and spherical structure is a marvel. Echinopsis subdenudata , with a structure similar to that of Astrophytum when it is not flowering, brightens any garden or terrace with its lush white flower that covers the surface of the globe almost entirely.

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