How to make your own grow table with wooden pallets


If you have always wanted to have a growing table for your garden or terrace, you are in luck, with practically a few pallets you can design and build it as you please. Then you can add all the flourishes you want (protectors, automated irrigation system, insulation, etc.). For now we leave you the bases and then you decide.

Pallets are in fashion. It’s amazing how many things can be done with them. Tables, chairs, small cabinets, hammocks. However, as the goat pulls to the mountain, in Gardenprue we teach you what is related to agriculture. How could it not be less, you can also make an excellent home growing table  with very little money or even free. It all depends on the means to get the pallets and what you want to add.

If you want to leave it as it is, you only need several pallets and typical tools that you find in every house. However, if you want to give your grow table a touch of excitement, you can sand it, varnish it, put a filter inside, a drainage outlet system, wheels, etc. Even so, we assure you that you will not spend more than € 30, pulling high.

Imagine everything that you can plant on your cultivation table, always considering the best arrangement of the plants from the crop associations .

Keep in mind that although it seems little space with the pallets, it is enough to grow quite a few plants. It may be a good idea to combine small plants, such as carrots, onions, parsley, radishes, onions, lettuce, etc., with larger plants (broccoli, pepper, eggplant, etc.)

It also has vertical plants, which you will need a guide or tutor to avoid taking up more space, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, etc. Imagination to power!

We do not want you to be left with any doubt about how to grow each of the plants that we have mentioned. That is why we put at your disposal this link where you can consult a growing guide for many plants, where we have from the basics to more complex things related to their development.


eye! This well-made guide is not ours. We just spread it. We give the authorship to Campo de Cebada . We also leave you the link so you can visit their website .

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