Plant diseases. The virus

Today, at Gardenprue, we are going to dedicate a section to viruses. We have compiled a list of the main plant diseases , specifically some viruses that we can run into. We also include in the list the cultures sensitive to each of the viruses. You will be surprised at the number of susceptible plants.



Viral plant diseases: 

Alfalfa mosaic virus (AMV):  Virus of the alfalfa mosaic

Hosts: Alfalfa, potato, pepper, tomato, celery, bean, pea, chickpea, etc.

Apple chlorotic leaf spot virus (ACLSV):  Apple tree chlorotic spot virus

Hosts: Apricot, almond, cherry, plum, peach and other Prunus spp. ornamental; apple tree, quince tree, pear tree and some ornamental rosaceae; raspberry and hops.

Apple mosaic virus (ApMV):  Virus of the mosaic of the apple

Hosts: Apple and other Malus species, hazelnut, stone fruit trees such as apricot, almond, plum, cherry and peach, rosebush, raspberry and other rosaceae and hops.

Apple stem grooving virus (ASVG):  Virus furrowed wood apple

Hosts: Apple, pear, Oriental Pyrus spp., Such as nashi and some ornamental plants.

Apple stem pitting virus (ASPV): Apple streak  wood virus


The apple tree is its natural host (some cultivars of cider and ornamental Malus spp. Are especially sensitive). It produces symptoms when it is inoculated in pear, quince or in the Pyronia hybrid.

Artichoke latent virus (ArLV):  latent artichoke virus

Hosts:  Cynara scolymus, C. cardunculus.

Banana streak virus:  Virus scratching bananas

Guests: Banana and sugar cane

Barley mild mosaic virus (BaMMV):  Virus soft barley mosaic

Hosts: The only known natural host is barley. The virus is transmitted by mechanical inoculation to Hordeum spp., Aegilops spp., Eremopyrum hirsutum, Lagurus ovatus, Triticosecale (triticale) Secale cereale, Triticum durum. Transmission of the virus by the vector has only been achieved in barley.

Barley stripe mosaic virus (BSMV):  Virus of the mosaic Barley stripe

Hosts: The only known natural hosts are barley, wheat, and wild oats. The susceptibility of more than 240 species of grasses, and species of the Chenopadiaceae, Amaranthaceae and Primulaceae families, has been experimentally determined.

Barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV)  virus the barley yellow dwarf

Hosts: Wheat, barley, oats, corn, ryegrass, rice and other grasses.

Barley yellow mosaic virus (BaYMV):  Virus of the yellow mosaic of barley

Hosts: The only known host is barley.

Bean common mosaic necrosis virus (BCMNV):  necrosis virus of the common bean mosaic

Hosts: Limited to species of the genus Phaseolus, mainly P. vulgaris, and occasionally, Lupinus luteus.

 Bean common mosaic virus (BCMV):  Virus of the common bean mosaic

Hosts: Limited to species of the genus Phaseolus, mainly P. vulgaris, and occasionally Lupinus luteus.

Bean leaf roll virus (BLRV):  Virus winding sheet Jewish

Hosts: Pea, bean, broad bean, lentil, chickpea, alfalfa, clover.

Bean yellow mosaic virus (BYMV):  Virus yellow bean mosaic

Hosts: Bean, clover, pea, alfalfa, broad bean, almorta. In general it is mentioned in many legumes, but also in species of the Iridáceas, such as gladiolus, freesia, etc.

Beet mosaic virus (BtMV):  Virus of the mosaic of beet

Hosts: Beets, spinach.

Beet necrotic yellow vein virus (BNYVV): Beet rhizomania  virus

Hosts: Beetroot, Swiss chard, spinach.

Beet pseudoyellows virus (BPYV):  Amaranthaceae, Caryophyllaceae, Chenopodiaceae, Compositae, Cucurbitaceae, Malvaceae, etc.

Beet virus Q (BVQ):  Virus Q beet

Hosts: sugar beet

Beet western yellows virus (BWYV): Western beet yellowing  virus.

Hosts: Lettuce, beetroot, spinach, pea, bean, watermelon, cucumber, tomato. European strains that infect beets are often referred to as Beet mild yellowing virus.

Beet yellows virus (BYV): Beet  yellowing virus

Hosts: Beets, spinach.

Broad bean mottle virus (BBMV)  virus mottling of the bean

Hosts: Broad bean, bean, pea.

Broad bean virus V (bBvV):  Virus V of the bean

Guests: Broad bean.

Broad bean wilt virus (BBWV):  Virus wilting of the bean

Hosts: Affects pea, broad bean, spinach, Nasturtium, petunia, bell pepper, carrot, parsley, Digitalis lanata, Catalpa bignonioides.

Carnation etched ring virus (CESR):  Virus ring engraved carnation

Guests: carnation

Carnation latent virus (CLV):  Virus latent carnation

Guests: carnation

Carnation mottle virus (CarMV):  Virus carnation mottle

Hosts: carnation, begonia.

Carnation necrotic fleck virus (CNFV):  Virus necrotic stippling carnation

Guests: carnation.

Carnation vein mottle virus (CVMV):  Virus speckle veins carnation

Guests: carnation.

Cauliflower mosaic virus:  Virus of the cauliflower mosaic

Hosts: Brassicaceae in general: cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, red cabbage, radish, turnip, Chenopodium album, Sonchus sp., Galinsoga parviflora, Malva sp.

Celery mosaic virus:  Virus of the mosaic of celery

Hosts: Celery, coriander, parsley.

Cherry leaf roll virus (CLRV):  Virus winding cherry leaf

Hosts: Walnut, elm, Prunus spp., Olea spp., Betula spp., Rubus spp.

Citrus concave gum disease:  Gummy concavities of citrus fruits

Hosts: Orange, mandarin and grapefruit, mainly.

Citrus cristacortis disease:  Cristacortis of citrus

Hosts: Different species of citrus and hybrids. It produces symptoms in sweet and bitter orange trees, mandarins, grapefruits, lemon trees, tangelos and tangors, while other species and hybrids suffer asymptomatic infections.

Citrus leaf blotch virus (CLBV):  Virus spotted leaf citrus

Guests: Citrus. It probably infects most citrus species and cultivated varieties, but only a few show symptoms. Nicotiana occidentalis has been transmitted experimentally , although the infection in this species is asymptomatic.

Citrus psorosis virus (CPsV):  Virus psoriasis citrus

Hosts: citrus.

Citrus tristeza virus (CTV):  citrus tristeza virus

Hosts: one of the best known plant diseases. Affects citrus

Citrus variegation virus (CVV):  Virus citrus variegation

Hosts: citrus

 Citrus vein enation / woody gall disease:  Nerve bumps / galls on citrus wood

Hosts: citrus

Citrus yellow ringspot disease: Citrus yellow  ring spots

Hosts: citrus

Clover yellow vein virus (ClYVV): Clover vein yellowing  virus

Hosts: Clover, almorta, borage, bean, lentil and broad bean.

Let’s continue with more virus-type plant diseases:

Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus (CGMMV):  Virus green cucumber mosaic mottling

Hosts: cucumber, watermelon, melon.

Cucumber leaf spot virus (CLSV):  Virus leaf spot of cucumber

Hosts: cucumber

Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV)  virus cucumber mosaic

Hosts: cucumber, melon, watermelon, zucchini, tomato, pepper, chickpea, alfalfa, bean, spinach, banana, etc.

Cucumber vein yellowing virus (CVYV):  Cucumber yellow vein virus

Hosts: cucurbits

Cucurbit aphid – borne yellows virus (CABYV):  Cucurbit yellowing virus transmitted by aphids

Hosts: cucurbits

Cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virus (CYSDV) : Cucurbit yellowing and dwarfism virus

Hosts: cucurbits

Eggplant mottle dwarf virus (EMDV) : Eggplant mottle dwarf virus

Hosts: aubergine, tomato, cucumber, pepper, Pittosporum tobira, Lonicera sp., Hibiscus rosa – sinensis, Solanum sodomaeum.

Faba bean necrotic yellows virus (FBNYV):  Necrotic yellow bean virus

Hosts: Broad beans, lentils, chickpeas, beans and other legumes.

Fig mosaic disease:  Mosaic fig

Guests: fig tree

Grapevine fanleaf virus (GFLV): Grapevine  infectious short internode virus

Hosts: vine and other horticulturals:  Nicotiana tabacum, Chenopodium sp., Phaseolus  vulgaris, Cucumis sativus, etc.

Grapevine fleck virus (GFkV):  Virus marbling vine

Guests: vine

Grapevine leaf roll-associated virus (GLRaV):  Virus winding vine

Guests: vine

Impatiens necrotic spot virus (INSV):  Virus of the impatiens necrotic spots

Hosts: numerous ornamentals

Impietratura disease: Impietratura disease  of citrus fruits.

Hosts: citrus

Iris yellow spot virus:  Virus iris yellow spot

Hosts: Allium cepa L. (onion), Iris hollandica Tub., Eustoma russellianum (Lisianthus), Allium porrum L. (leeks), Allium sativum L. (garlic), Allium fistulosum L. (English chives), Allium schoenoprasum L. (French onion), Hippeastrum sp.

Leek yellow stripe virus:  Virus yellow streaked with leek

Hosts: It affects leek (Allium porrum L.) and a few other species of the genus Allium, such as garlic (Allium sativum L.), onion (A. cepa L.) and shallot or shallot (A. ascalonicum L.), these being last more resistant, although not immune.

Lettuce big – vein virus (LBVV): Lettuce thick vein virus 

Hosts:  Lactuca sativa, Sonchus oleraceus, Sonchus asper.

Lettuce mosaic virus (LMV):  Virus of the mosaic of lettuce

Hosts: Lettuce, endive, spinach, endive, chickpea, pea. Among the wild plants Sonchus tenerrimus, Senecio vulgaris, Chenopodium album, Galinsoga parviflora, Malva sp., Ecballium elaterium, Lactuca serrriola, L. virosa, Lamium amplexicaule, Helminthia sp ., Etc.

Lucerne enation virus (LEV):  Alfalfa outgrowth virus

Hosts: Alfalfa, broad bean.

Maize dwarf mosaic virus (MDMV):  Virus of the mosaic dwarfing corn

Hosts: corn, sorghum and cane.

Maize rough dwarf virus (MRDV): Maize rough dwarf virus  .

Hosts: corn, oats, Digitaria sanguinalis and Echinochloa cruz – galli.

Melon necrotic spot virus (MNSV):  Virus necrotic spots melon

Hosts: melon, cucumber, watermelon, zucchini.

Mirafiori lettuce virus (MiLV): Lettuce big vein virus 

Hosts: Different species of the genera Lactuca, Cichorium and Sonchus.

Onion yellow dwarf virus: Onion dwarf  yellowing virus

Hosts:  Allium cepa L., A. sativum L., A. ascalonicum L., A. porrum L., A. fistolosum L., other Allium sp., Narcissus pseudonarcissus L., N. tazetta oriental L. , etc.

Papaya ringspot virus (PRSV):  Virus ringspot of papaya

Hosts: melon, zucchini, cucumber, watermelon, pumpkin and papaya.

Parietaria mottle virus (PMoV):  Virus Parietaria mottle

Hosts: Parietaria, pepper and tomato.

Peanut stunt virus (PSV)  virus dwarfism peanuts

Hosts: Clover, alfalfa, bean, peanut.

Pelargonium flower-break virus (PFBV):  Virus break the flower pelargonium

Hosts:  Pelargonium zonale, P. peltatum.

Pelargonium line pattern virus (PLPV):  Pelargonium ring virus

Hosts:  Pelargonium zonale. In P. peltatum there are no symptoms.

Pelargonium zonate spot virus (PZSV):  Virus stains by the pelargonium areas

Hosts: Tomato, artichoke Pelargonium zonale, Chrysanthemum segetum, Capsella bursa – pastoris, Diplotaxis erucoides, Picais echiodes, Sonchus oleraceus.

Cucumber mosaic virus (PepMV):  Sweet cucumber mosaic virus

Hosts: sweet cucumber and  Amaranthus sp., Basia scoparia, Calistegia sepium, Chenopodium murale, Convolvulus althaeoides, Convolvulus arvensis, Conyza albida, Coronopus sp., Diplotaxis erucoides, Echium creticum, E. humile, European Heliotropium, Malva parviflora L., Morva parviflora L. arvensis, Nicotiana glauca Grah., Onopordum sp., Piptatherum multiflorum, Plantago sp., Rumex sp., Sisimbrium irio, Solanum nigrum L., and Sonchus oleraceus L., Sonchus tenerrimus, Taraxacum vulgare. Different species of the genus Lycopersicon are sensitive to the virus, such as L. chilense, L. chmielewkii, L. parviflorum, L. pennellii, L. pimpinellifolium.

Pepper mild mottle virus (PMMV): Bell pepper attenuated mottle virus 

Hosts: Pepper and species of the genus Capsicum.

Plum pox virus (PPV):  Sharka virusHosts: Stone fruit species: apricot, almond, cherry, plum and peach and various rootstocks and ornamental plants of the genus Prunus.

Potato leaf roll virus (PLRV):  Virus leafroll the potato

Hosts: Solanaceae.

Potato virus A (PVA):  Virus A potato

Hosts: potato.

Potato virus M (PVM):  Virus M potato

Hosts: potato.

Potato virus S (PVS):  Virus S Potato

Hosts: potato.

Potato virus X (PVX):  Virus X Potato

Hosts: potato.

Potato Virus Y (PVY):  Virus and Potato

Hosts: potato.

Prune dwarf virus (PDV): Plum dwarfism virus

 Hosts:  Prunus spp.,

Prunus necrotic ringspot virus (PNRSV):  Prunus necrotic rings virus

Hosts:  Prunus spp.,

Red clover vein mosaic virus (RCVMV):  Virus of the mosaic of the veins of red clover

Hosts: Clover, pea.

Rough lemon bud Union Crease disease:  Disease malunion with rugged limonero

Guests: sweet orange trees.

Southern bean mosaic virus (SBMV):  Virus of the mosaic of Southern Jewish

Hosts: legumes.

Hosts: zucchini, melon, watermelon.Squash mosaic virus (SqMV):  Virus of the mosaic of pumpkin

Strawberry latent ringspot virus (SLRSV):  Virus latent ringspot Strawberry

Hosts: strawberry, raspberry, asparagus, cherry, plum, peach, rose, vine and olive tree.

Sugarcane mosaic virus (SCMV):  Virus of the mosaic of sugarcane

Hosts: corn, sorghum and sugar cane.

Sweet potato chlorotic stunt virus (SPCSV): Sweet potato chlorotic  dwarf virus
Hosts:  Ipomoea, although  Nicotiana spp., Amaranthus palmeri and lisianthus (Eustoma grandifloru m) have been described as susceptible.

Sweet potato feathery mottle virus (SPFMV): Soft (light, feathery) mottle virus  of sweet potato

Hosts: Convolvuláceas. The first date was at Ipomea Batatas.

Sweet potato leaf curl virus (SPLCV) : Sweet potato leaf curl virus

Hosts:  Ipomea batatas.

 Tobacco mild green mosaic virus (TMGMV):  Tobacco attenuated green mosaic virus

Hosts: Wild and cultivated Solanaceae

Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV): Tobacco mosaic virus  .

Hosts: One of the widely studied plant diseases. Affects Tobacco, pepper, tomato, eggplant.

 Tobacco rattle virus (TRV):  Virus jingle of the snuff

Hosts: monocots and dicots.

Tomato bushy stunt virus (TBSV):  Tomato branched dwarf virus

Hosts: Tomato, eggplant, pepper, apple tree, pear tree.

Tomato chlorosis virus (ToCV): Tomato yellowing virus  .

Hosts: tomato.

Tomato infectious chlorosis virus (TICV):  Virus infectious yellowness of tomato

Hosts: tomato, potato, artichoke, lettuce and petunia.

Hosts: tomato, pepper, tobacco, and eggplant.Tomato mosaic virus (ToMV):  Virus of the mosaic of tomato

Tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV):  Tomato browning virus

Hosts: 500 species of different families.

Tomato yellow leaf curl disease (TYLCV): Tomato spoon leaf virus or Tomato yellow curl  virus.

Hosts:  Datura stramonium L., Lycopersicon sculentum Mill., Solanum luteum Mill., Solanum nigrum L.

Tulip breaking virus: Tulip color breaking virus 

Hosts: Two genera of the Liliaceae family: Tulipan and Lilium.

Turnip mosaic virus: Turnip mosaic virus  . Hosts: cite cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, Chinese cabbage, radish, turnip, kohlrabi, mustard, lettuce, endive.

Mushroom virus de la France: Mushroom  virus disease

Guests: mushroom

Watermelon mosaic virus (WMV): Watermelon mosaic virus  2

Hosts: Cucumber, melon, pumpkin, zucchini and watermelon. Pea, bean, spinach.

Wheat dwarf virus (WDV): Wheat dwarf virus  .

Hosts: oats, barley and wheat.

Zucchini yellow mosaic virus (ZYMV): Zucchini yellow mosaic virus  .

Hosts: zucchini, melon, cucumber, watermelon

These are all the viral diseases of plants that we can find in Spain.

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