Top easy-to-care indoor plants

We already have an extensive catalog in our indoor plants section . There are them with flowers, without flowers, larger or smaller, but one of the things we look for is that in addition to being glossy and dressing interior environments, they are as easy to care for as possible. We want it all! It is not possible with all of them but there are some in particular that are very grateful for the little care they require.



We wanted to gather simple indoor plants to grow. And when we speak of simple, we mean low care in general. This consists of the following:


Irrigation is one of the most determining factors when it comes to establishing the care of a plant. If you have to water too much, it is a problem in moments of absence or small forgetfulness in which a sensitive plant can suffer in a few days.


Sometimes it is not known why a plant is more capricious with the desired amount of light and it is not easy to locate it. Plants that withstand all kinds of sun exposure conditions become very versatile and easy to care for.


Indoor temperatures are not too much of a problem except for exceptions because they are usually quite constant throughout the year. More than to the temperatures themselves, the plants are sensitive to sudden changes and in homes inhabited all year round, this is usually not a problem.

Plagues and diseases

Just as in garden plants or the orchard it is the chimera par excellence, indoors they are not usually so problematic with basic care. We are always exposed but it is not the most common.


Here you have our Top 5 of the easiest plants to care for your home. If you click on each image you will see the needs and detailed properties of each plant.


One of the most famous, why? It is the ideal for beginners in indoor plants. It is very resistant and supports very well the most common nonsense that we have all committed at some time due to lack of experience. It is very fast growing and being a climber it fills spaces without grace very well. In addition, there are studies that show that it has a slightly purifying effect on indoor air


Another favorite for interior decoration. If the pothos has a classic leaf shape, the ribbon has elongated leaves and the varieties with white or yellow borders are very decorative. In terms of resistance, they are a marvel. When they appear dead from lack of care, it doesn’t take long for them to revive in spectacular fashion.


We have also talked extensively about this indoor wonder. It is very striking for its spike flowering protected by a single white bract. Hence it is commonly called the cradle of Moses. Although it cannot stand direct sun, otherwise it is a very grateful plant that will recover quickly if it lacks watering. It also warns us that it lacks water when the leaves begin to languish. All plants could already have that irrigation warning device, right?


Famous for the shape of its rib-shaped leaves due to the pronounced indentations. It is very recurrent in offices and offices precisely because of this easy care and the leafiness and volume it provides. It tolerates insufficient irrigation better than excess and requires a certain space to develop well. It is one of the plants that needs the least light to survive, although a bath with indirect light does not hurt.


An easy-care succulent plant that cannot be missing in any home. In addition to enduring long periods of drought, it is a complete healing and soothing kit for burns and minor wounds. Have an Aloe vera at home and typical kitchen burns will be more bearable.

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