An amazing street for a green city

Although it is not what we are used to writing in Gardenprue , these entries are what surprise us, knowing cities and landscapes that offer a panorama as impressive as that of  Rua Goncalo de Carvalho , an example of harmony between the city and the green landscape . It is the envy of many cities in the world and it is clear that it has not become what it is today in a few years. Let’s get to know it.



Gonzalo de Carvalho Street   is located in  Porto Alegre , one of the most important cities in Brazil .

It would have nothing out of the ordinary if it weren’t for its impressive trees that grow along the street and occupy  3 blocks  of the city. Many know it as the green tunnel and it is not for less, because it offers a great shade to those who are walking the street.

You just have to see some of the photos that we have inserted in this article to see the majesty of this street and why it is one of the most preferred in the city. Being inside it seems that you are not surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of buildings and cars that generate environmental pollution.

Those trees that form the microclimate within Porto Alegre are called tipuanas , a species of tree from the Fabaceae family that can reach 40 meters in height and were planted more than 70 years ago. 

The fame of this surprising street and example of a green city spreads internationally, and there are already many curious who travel to enter this piece of natural history. Today it is considered the city’s environmental heritage and named by many people as “the most beautiful street in the world . 

In this case, given the high density of trees on the street, it is important to improve the appearance of the street by choosing a suitable tree grate .

Surely you will want to investigate a little on  Google Maps ,  so we have left you the link and take a look at the perfect integration of the street totally covered with tipuanas with the urban environment. A perfect green city.



Although copying the idea of ​​Rua Goncalo de Carvalho with its gigantic Tipuanas that occupy everything is far from the reach of most cities, little by little we are beginning to stimulate the creation of green spaces and urban gardens that increase interest in the ecology and the environment. In our article on urban gardens  we discussed some very characteristic examples, such as the following:

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