Aralia (Fatsia japonica) care guide

We have already talked about plants ( Pachira aquatica , Kentia , Costilla de Adán …) that due to their moderate care and great leafiness, are widely used in open and spacious spaces such as offices or waiting rooms. Today we bring another of these bright green, leafy, highly resistant indoor plants with simple care. The aralia or Fatsia japonica .



It is commonly known as Aralia due to its popularity, but in reality, Aralia is not a plant, it is a genus of dozens of plants (about 50) of the Araliaceae family. The one we are talking about today is the Fatsia japonica or Aralia japonica . More than a plant, it is a small tree or shrub (indoors) from Japan and Taiwan. It is one of the so-called evergreens that preserve the foliage all year round. Indoor flowering can rarely be achieved but if it happens, you should know that the flowers are small and white in the shape of an umbrella.

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It is a plant that appreciates the shade and cool places, if we are within the thermal possibilities of a home. We are talking about the environment at 16-20ºC . It is clear that the room in a house, even if it faces north, will hardly fall below 18ºC in cold months, but there is no need to worry. It even supports somewhat higher temperatures even though it is not optimal, so the range of thermal possibilities is very wide. Summers in hot areas can be a bit detrimental but it’s all about testing.


It is evident that with exceptions, plants like sun because they need it for their vital functions. But some endure their absence better than others. The aralia is one of these plants that, although it likes sunbathing (indirectly), supports shady places very well without losing an iota of leafiness, brightness or joy. For this reason, it is widely used in dark and bare corners, radically changing the interior room. Of course, the maximum exuberance will be achieved in bright places.


It is also tolerant of a little lack of watering , but this aspect should not be neglected. As a starting point, it can be said that optimal irrigation occurs when the substrate does not dry out completely. It always requires even a little bit of moisture in the substrate. We must be somewhat more aware of watering in the summer months where we will have to water even every two or three days.


normal substrate , with adequate drainage, perhaps with some mulch to enrich it a bit and constant humidity is the only thing that aralia asks of us to give us everything it has. If you want, you can help its growth with a liquid fertilizer for green plants once or twice a month.


  • If the leaves fall, it can be a cause of excess heat or lack of humidity in the substrate. The fall of leaves due to excessive cold will not occur indoors but could also be a cause.
  • Some time ago we talked about the kentia, another great plant for offices, lounges and offices. We will tell you the trick of polishing the leaves by gently wiping a cloth soaked with warm beer . You can do the same with this plant and you will see that the shine it acquires is spectacular.

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