Cherry tree diseases

We add to our database the main cherry tree diseases in the category of  pests and diseases . As always, we mention the form in which the pathology appears, a way to discover the problem from the data we offer and the raw materials for treat disease.



Gray rot  (Botrytis cinerea):  this fungus produces spots on any part of the plant: leaves, stems, fruits. On them you can see the mycelium of the fungus, which is a brown or gray powder on the cherry tree, causing rottenness. If the mycelium reaches the cherries it softens them until they acquire a rotten appearance. This fungus needs great humidity to develop, and takes advantage of any wound on the cherry tree to enter the plant.

Anthracnose (Colletotrichum lindemuthianum  or  Colletotrichum spp) : it  is one of the cherry tree diseases and attacks mainly the leaves and fruits of this tree. Dark brown spots (sometimes reddish) appear on these commented parts. These lesions can also spread on fruit petioles or stems (in this case the spots would be more elongated). The fungus requires high temperatures to develop (20-25º) and humidity in the crop. If conditions are good, Anthracnose develops in a short time.

 Screened or shot (Coryneum beijerinckii): This disease is easily recognizable by the following. At first the fungus forms pink spots that turn dark over time. This affected tissue dries up and falls off, leaving typical “shotgun” holes. These spots are also formed on the fruit, which brown over time and the cherry loses its commercial value.

 Monilia (Monilia fructigena): is another type of cherry tree diseases caused by a fungus. It mainly affects cherries, that is, the fruit. The way to attack this disease manages to “mummify” the fruits, without them falling off the tree. In the case of shoots, blackish spots with fissures are formed. The fruits that remain mummified on the cherry tree are a source of dispersal of the spores of the fungus.

Powdery mildew of the cherry (Podosphaera oxyacanthae): it  is one of the diseases of the cherry tree that attacks leaves and fruits. We first comment on the leaves. White and circular spots appear on them. On the fruits the spots are the same or very similar, with a mealy appearance. If it is not treated in time, the powdery mildew of the cherry tree can spread over the entire tree. This fungus is activated by humidity, which is why it is likely to appear after a continuous period of rain, when the temperature still does not drop below 15ºC.

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