Electric Pruning Shears Buying Guide

Depending on the number of trees or shrubs that we have in the garden, we have to use more sophisticated tools that save us hours of work and, especially, effort.

In reference to this, electric pruning shears are a very valuable resource when we have a large number of trees to prune annually, especially when we are engaged in the agricultural exploitation of fruit trees or we already have the energy of yesteryear to carry out this operation.

In this guide we want to evaluate which are the main brands of electric pruning shears and the price comparison, analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.




Bosch Home and Garden 06008B2000 Integrated Pruning Shears 3.6 V, 450 Cuts per Battery Charge, in Blister, 5.4 W
Cutting power
Hasta 25 mm
3.6 V (5.4W) – Charge 3.5 hours
Cuts per load cycle
490 grams
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One of the currently most valued electric pruning shears are from the Bosch brand, with an excellent price ratio.

One of the advantages is that it has the Power Assist system, whereby the cutting motor adapts to the pressure you exert, especially indicated when cutting thick branches.

This allows us to be able to make cuts of up to 25 mm, which is practically the limit we find when pruning with an electric scissors, before using the saw.

The advantages of Bosch scissors is the clean cut that it executes in all types of blunt, although it must be considered that this type of electric cutting tools are designed for lignified branches, especially fruit trees, olive groves, shrubs, etc., but not for vegetative branches.

The Bosch Easy Prune Scissors offers a long-lasting battery , with an autonomy of up to 450 cuts. The charging system is quite simple, since it works by USB type C fast charging cable, with a charging indicator light.

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Technical specifications:

  • Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion
  • Battery power: 3.6 V / 1.5 Ah
  • Battery charging time: 3.5 hours
  • Maximum cutting diameter: up to 25mm
  • Net weight: 490 g

Something interesting about this electric pruning shears is its low weight, especially if we compare it with other cutting tools that can exceed 2 or 3 kg. This weight is not easy to maintain during pruning time, which will force our wrist excessively and increase the rest period.

At the gardening level, these Bosh electric pruning shears are the most recommended.

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Devon offers simple looking pruning shears with a very high endurance range of up to 1188 cuts. This is because its cutting power is slightly less than the Bosch, with a cutting range of up to 14 mm.

Therefore, it is designed for the pruning of small branches of little years, lignified but of green wood.

It offers a double button security system to prevent it from being started by mistake.

A positive aspect of these electric pruning shears is their low weight, with 0.68 kg, which allows them to be used for hours without excessively tiring the hand.

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Technical specifications:

  • Voltage: lithium ion battery
  • Power 4 V
  • Capacity: 2.5 Ah
  • Weight: 0.68 kg
  • Includes replacement blade
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3. MAKITA 0088381699945 – PREMIUM

Leveling up for professional farmers and gardeners we find the Makita brand. Its 18 V battery allows a professional trimming of thickened branches and with a high workload.

In this sense, this level of professional tools gain a lot in battery but also in weight, with up to 3.9 kg depending on the manufacturer, but working at a torque of 120 N m, which allows a cutting diameter of up to 33 mm.

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  • Voltage: 18 V and 4.0Ah
  • Battery: LXT lithium
  • The blades work coordinated with the switch and with the possibility of adjusting them in 2 positions.
  • Smooth cutting similar to manual scissors, with high cutting speed.
  • Charging time: 36 minutes
  • Cuts Per Charge: 57000
  • Sound pressure: 80.00 dB
  • Dimensiones (LxAxAl): 305 x 43 x 106 mm
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It’s not exactly a pruning shears, but it does make very clean cuts, so it can be used for pruning.

However, the most indicated use of this product is to make smaller pruning cuts, so that we can quickly prepare an ideal length size for the branches, either for composting or to prepare firewood for a fireplace or barbecue.

Its large size means that this Black and Decker electric pruning shears have to be used with two hands, offering unparalleled cutting power , with 550W. 

This makes it have a cutting diameter of up to 100mm , far more than any other pruning shears we’ve seen so far.

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  • Cutting power: 550 W
  • Maximum cutting diameter: 100mm
  • Lubrication function: automatic system that guarantees a fully lubricated chain
  • Metal cutting protection to protect the sharp part.
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YATEK Portable electric pruning shears …

Large Professional Electric Pruning Shears …


Electric pruning shears, branch cutter …




Electric pruning shears are an essential tool when we have a medium-sized garden to take care of, with fruit and ornamental trees that require at least annual maintenance pruning.

The economic offers of scissors with a cost of less than € 120-130 pay off quickly with intensive use in a few years, being able to carry out the pruning that we normally do in 1 week with manual scissors but in 1 day only.

Having made the decision to have one in our tool catalog, we are going to consider the main characteristics to take into account in the purchase decision.


Finding the sweet spot of battery on a cutting tool is important. Having to be tied to continuous loads with little work is quite annoying, but it also allows the final weight of the electric pruning shears to be less.

For us, the Bosch scissors find the optimum working point, with a reduced charging time of 3.5 hours, 3.6V and a weight that does not exceed 500 grams. At the user gardening level, it is one of the most suitable for non-professional operations.

If our workload is higher and we need a minimum of 8-10 hours of work before the next load, we will have to choose the most professional formats, with a work rate and longer battery life, such as the Makita scissors, with up to 57000 cuts (said soon). However, the final weight makes it more tiring to use for hours, at 0.8 kg, almost double that of Bosch.


By cutting power we mean exactly the maximum cutting branch diameter . In general, pruning tools with scissors are not intended to cut branches of more than 30 mm, or what is known year branches that are usually trimmed to balance the energy of the tree.

When we go to secondary or tertiary branches of greater diameter, the most successful way to cut them is by means of a saw, which are both manual and electric.

In general, we should look for one that allows us up to a minimum of 2 mm of cut without much effort, since 1.4 mm is somewhat short, and it would be more focused on the garden tasks of horticultural plants and small shrubs.


Weight is important, as it is not easy to work with tools over 2 kg for a long time. The clear example is the handling of electric saws in positions that are not usually comfortable.

The same thing happens with electric pruning shears, where you always have to look for alternatives of less than 1 kg if they are going to be handled with one hand.

In general, for simple gardening jobs where we are not going to spend more than 3 hours without resting, a weight of up to 0.6 kg can be tolerated, although we will need to get used to the task for a few days.

At a professional level, work demands make people look for pruning shears with a greater working capacity, so the weight usually rises up to 0.8 kg, something that can be assumed for professionals dedicated to the task and accustomed to it. .


Power-Assist function

The Power-Assist function is incorporated in some models of scissors brands such as Bosch. This system allows managing the cut when we prune branches of a certain caliber. As we press, the cutting motor interprets and performs the function, helping us with the operation. The moment we stop applying pressure, the system stops automatically.

How to act if the blade of my electric scissors wears out?

Unlike most manual pruning shears, the upper blade can be easily removed and replaced. You only need a hex socket wrench to unscrew the old blade, remove it, and fit a new blade.

How should I clean my scissors?

After each use, any remaining pruning, bark or sawdust should be removed. The idea is dry cleaning, although you can also use oil or a cloth soaked in water to remove organic remains that have been stuck.

Most of the cutting surfaces are made of stainless steel, so there is no problem of rust. What we do have to be careful is to avoid contact of wet surfaces or water with the battery or electrical components.

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