Homemade seedlings with eggshells and its importance

Many of us know the homemade seedbeds . One of the most common are those of cardboard egg cups. But there are people who go one step further and do it directly in the eggshells! An original way to create completely individualized seedbeds. If we need large volumes of seedlings, we will have to make a few tortillas!

We know that it is August, leisure time reigns and what we are going to tell you is not something that you want to do now. In addition, we are not at the time when protected seedling germinations abound. Therefore, if you are interested, mark it as a favorite in the browser and remember on a winter Sunday afternoon in which you are getting bored at home to make a good potato omelette and also homemade seedlings for the garden crops of the season that comes.


If we were to imitate what nature does, direct sowing in the garden soil would be the way to proceed when planting. Of course, the probability of success in many cases would be greatly compromised by many factors such as temperature or rain, among others. The germination and first stages of development of a plant are somewhat delicate and the seedbed gives each of the seeds the opportunity to germinate and grow in the best conditions until they are strong enough to be transplanted to the garden.


To make homemade eggshell seedlings, first of all, make a good omelette or scramble for a few. If you don’t have guests, you can always save the eggshells that you are consuming.

  • The carton of the eggs (stand)
  • A small screwdriver, punch, or similar
  • Casserole and water to cook
  • Sharp knife
  • Substrate and mulch
  • Seeds


It is very simple. It’s just a couple of steps

  1. The first thing is to crack the eggs to be able to use their content in the aforementioned omelette. Instead of breaking the shell in the center as we usually do, we will do it near the top of the egg very carefully. Then with a knife we ​​will try to cut that upper part and leave the shell as intact as possible.
  2. Rinse the shells with water and boil them in a saucepan to remove any remaining egg.
  3. Rinse again and let the shells dry
  4. With the help of an awl, needle (a bit thick), a fine screwdriver or similar, a small hole must be made   in the lower part that will serve as a drainage . We always tell you that drainage is essential . It was not going to be less so in a home seedbed! This step is the most delicate . It is not difficult that trying to puncture the shell breaks. Use a piece of cork or a cloth as a base so that the awl pierces the shell (and does not spoil the kitchen table). If possible and you have patience and time, remove the membrane attached to the shell.

Well, you already have it! All that remains is for you to add the substrate, the seeds, a little watering and it has been said to germinate!


After breaking the egg to cook it, when your seedling is ready for transplanting, you can break it again to remove the root ball cleanly. The rest of the husk can be thrown away or added to the compost pile if you need to change the pH of the garden soil little by little . The eggshell is a good source of calcium.

The issue of eggshells to make seedlings is not patent pending or anything like that but we have seen it on the blog 17apart.com and they have all the photos of the process so less than thank you for the graphic report of great quality.

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