How to choose the best modern barbecue?

A barbecue is an element that is almost never missing in our home , and perhaps it is time to choose a modern work to replace the traditional one. This is a very common element to prepare delicious meals, in some countries it is also known as grills, fireplaces, among others.

Since it is an element for cooking either with wood, gas or charcoal, it must be a work resistant to heat with durable materials. Now, we can find and choose modern concrete grills, pre-fabricated bricks, brick and concrete, etc. The intention is that it be good, beautiful and cheap, and also that it can last a long time since some tend to rust or wear out over time due to the effect of fire and coal.

In this way, it is necessary that you take into account the following when buying or building one: the one that you can buy previously made, you can move it from one place to another, in case you have a small garden or place it indoors or exterior of the house. Of course, it is important to choose according to the criteria of each person.

The modern barbecues that are built on the site become part of the facade of the home  since it will be a fixed work. Over time, these can be expanded and modified. In turn, they have a longer cycle life (perhaps for a lifetime) and best of all, you can use any type of common fuel.

Undoubtedly, the uses that can be given to it are wide, since there are pre-manufactured concrete blocks that you can make at home with online video tutorials. However, that is not the case and for now we are only going to choose the best modern barbecue design.


First of all, it is quite possible that you are interested only in the design of the work, but it is important to choose the right modern barbecue according to the type of functionality. We invite you to meet some types that will clarify the panorama for you.


Smokeless barbecues are electric, there are a large number of brands and commercial models. However, there are also those that are made of smokeless charcoal with very sophisticated and modern designs. Grills are available in different models and sizes to suit your need or level of demands. These are some trademarks:


LotusGrill G-RO-34 – 35 x 26 x 23.4 Smokeless Charcoal Barbecue, Red

  • The smokeless barbecue experience

Severin PG 8550 Electric barbecue 2300 W, 37 x 23 cm, Black / Silver

  • Barbacoa eléctrica 2300 w 37 x 23 cm
  • Safety microswitch: heating element switches off automatically in case of removal
  • Enamelled steel housing for a scratch-proof surface
  • Base height approx. 73 cm
  • Also usable as a table barbecue



These are ideal for parties or meetings in the garden or terrace, and also apply to those that are built directly on the site as part of the facade of the home. They can be  gas, electric or wood .

  1. The construction barbecues : they are larger models, with multipurpose drawers and tanks for firewood or other fuel. The design can be to suit each person, however there are already some designs established for sale that make it easier to choose. There are also unique and exclusive works in the design of the  fireplaces  with sophisticated styles.
  2. Corner : these are very particular for their bells, some made of stones in imitation of the wood color, they can be rustic or sophisticated in appearance. As well as the portable and wheeled ones that are easy to handle and move.
  3. Others : elements that fulfill a similar role such as:  ovens, benches, mini benches, kitchens, fireplaces , etc.


First of all, a good modern barbecue work must be chosen well, for which it is necessary to consider several essential aspects. Among them the following:

  • Determine the appropriate space that goes according to the harmony of the house or environment that surrounds it.
  • Establish the size and design, although over time you can add changes and improve the structure.
  • Choose well the material with which you plan to build since the life time and adequate resistance to the effects of fire depend on it. Suitable materials are brick, stone or clay, although there are also other special materials that resist heat for a long time.
  • They do not require great efforts to keep them clean, like any other part of the home, it is easy to clean.
  • A fixed construction grill is more expensive than a portable one, an aspect that you must take into account. Because perhaps it is better to make an investment that will last you for many years, than one that may have a stipulated useful life.
  • Depending on the size of the structure, the process will likely take a few weeks while it is being built.
  • Avoid that the selected place is not exposed to strong wind currents , to prevent evacuation of smoke inside or outside the house.
  • Provide for a nearby water outlet and drain, in the event that in the future you want to install items such as dishwashers and others.

In case of choosing a modern, electric or portable barbecue, you must take into account the quality of the brand, the voltage it has, the useful life and the capacity or size.


It is possible that you still have doubts regarding this issue and you need to choose at once a modern barbecue that best suits the need. These are the most relevant differences with which you could define which one is more convenient.


  • They have a simple installation since they all have a guide that facilitates the work.
  • The cost of installing or materials is very cheap, which contributes to lower expenses.
  • You can have  countless varieties of new and very beautiful models .
  • Unlike portable grills, this one avoids assembly and disassembly since once assembled it is left fixed in place.
  • The pieces must be fixed with professional glue and be located in a space with enough ventilation.

Built on site (on site):

  • They resist and last for a lifetime.
  • The modern built-in barbecue can be chosen increasing in length over time.
  • It is a technique in which you can apply personal and original ideas.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • It includes, in most, functional ovens for grilling beyond the simple barbecue.

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