How to grow Pyrenean Torvisco (Daphne cneorum)

We continue in autumn although some temperatures in the country are already very wintery. So it occurred to me to show you another plant whose flowering occurs in winter, which although it seems unnatural, we have many examples. This is one of them. The Pyrenean Torvisco ( Daphne cneorum ). You’ve probably seen it before. Now you can name it.


For those of you who are new to this blog, you may be caught new. We have already talked about winter flowers in Gardenprue and they are not few. Obviously we can’t compare it to the spring floral explosion, although we don’t fall short in winter. We are only going to leave you two other examples of winter flowers, and one of them is very well known:

+ Calendula cultivation

+ Winter viburnum

As you can see, without having treated the subject of winter flowers too much, I have already been able to give you two examples that I remember we wrote some time ago. Today we are going to give you another one. In Spain it is known as Torvisco de los Pirineos and its scientific name is Daphne cneorum. If you live on the beach, in the Mediterranean area, warm and soft, forget about it. You better see it in photo. This plant is tough and needs harsh weather. Let’s see it a little more in detail.

Photo from: Wikipedia


If we have to think about where to use or plant the Torvisco de los Pirineos in a mountain climate, we have it very easy. The rockery is an ideal place. If it is well planned we can have a place where we have flowers all year round. For this we must know well what species flourish according to what times. This flower can therefore be a good winter flowering shrub.

Rockery garden. Photo by:

Of abundant, bushy and aromatic flowering, it will dress your rockery garden in an exemplary way. It has a shrubby character (it is woody) and can reach 30 cm in height and expands rather quickly.


It grows on rocky and / or stony calcareous soils, typical of the mountain area, so provide it with good drainage even with some sand. Make sure to avoid waterlogging although in a rockery garden it is essential for almost everything that is planted in it. It grows in full sun or even half shade. Its winter hardness is more than proven. It can withstand temperatures down to -15ºC.


You need more or less frequent waterings basically in summer. The other seasons tend to be humid in mountain climates, although there are exceptions for drier climates, but too frequent watering will not be necessary.

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