Plants for my coastal garden

When it comes to designing a garden on land near the coast, the first determining factor we have is the saline environment. This climate of strong winds that carry salts constitutes a real headache for the development of plants, since they come into contact with the plant itself and the soil. Today, at Gardenprue, we tell you which are the best plants for your orchard or coastal garden .

We know that there are certain plants that resist watering with high amounts of salts more or less successfully. There are certain plants that are unable to grow if the water quality is poor (due to excessive concentrations of sodium chloride).


When a plant is subjected to high concentrations of chlorine (Cl) and sodium (Na), although there is a good amount of irrigation available for the roots of the plants, they cannot absorb it and end up withering irretrievably. This phenomenon is known as osmosis and explained on a daily basis, when there are two liquids of different concentrations, such as less saline water inside the plant, and more saline water outside the plant, this difference in concentration makes the water with less concentration pass to the area where the water with higher concentration is found. In other words, the plant loses it instead of absorbing water.

Now comes the part in which we tell you which plants have good resistance to salinity and, therefore, are suitable for planting in coastal areas. The fact that you have a house with a garden in a coastal city does not prevent you from having your land unplanted. Of course we will not be able to put the plants we want, no matter how much love we have for it, but we have to adapt to the situation . Surely you will find plants that you like so that when designing your coastal garden you will not have any problems.

Scientific nameCommon name
Acacia cyanophyllaBlue acacia
Ailanthus altissimaAilanto, Tree of Heaven
Araucaria heterophyllaAraucaria
Casuarina equisetifoliaCasuarina
Chorisia speciosaDrunk stick
Phytolacca dioicaOmbú, Bellasombra
Eucalyptus spp.Eucalyptus
Ficus nítidaFicus
Lagunaria patersoniiLagunaria
Morus albaMulberry
Olea europaeaOlive
Parkinsonia aculeataParkinsonia, Palo verde
Cotoneaster spp.
Punica granatumPomegranate
Quercus ilexHolm oak
Schinus terebinthifoliusTerebinto
Tamarix spp.Tare
Cupressocyparis leylandiiLeylandi
Atriplex halimusSalty
Caesalpinia gilliesiCaesalpinia
Euonymus japonicusEvonimo
Coprosma repensBrilliant, Coprosma
Cordyline australisCordiline, Dracena
Undivided cordylineUndivided dracena
Teucrium fruticansTeucrio
Cycas revolutaSago, Cica
Eleagnus pungensEleagno
Eleagnus angustifoliaParadise tree
Hebe speciosaHebe, Veronica
Lantana camaraLantana, Spanish flag
Laurus nobilisLaurel
Ligustrum ovalifolumLigustrina, Troanilla
Myoporum spp.Transparent
Myrtus communisMyrtle
Nerium oleanderOleander
Phormium tenaxFornio
Pistacia lentiscusMastic
Pittosporum tobiraPitosporo
Rosmarinus officinalisRosemary
Strelitzia spp.Strelitzia
Tamarix gallicaTare
Cupressus macrocarpaMacrocarpa
Cortaderia SelloanaFeather dusters
Cupressus arizonicaArizonica
Antirrhinum majusSnapdragon
Pinus halepensisAleppo pine
Pinus pinasterMaritime pine
Pinus pineastone pine
Verbena spp.Verbena
Maritime cinerariaCineraria
Achillea millefoliumYarrow
Alyssum saxatileGolden basket
Chrysanthemum spp.Chrysanthemum
Maritime armoryLawn of Spain
Aster spp.Aster
Asteriscus maritimusMaritime asteriscus
Canna indicaRattan
Cerastium tomentosumCerastio
Beucarnea recurvataBeucarnea
Cistus spp.Rockrose
Gazania spp.Gazania
Iberis sempervivensCarraspique
Lavandula angustifoliaWashing
Nepeta mussiniNepeta
Santolina chamaecyparissusSantolina
Stachys lanataHare ear
Verbena spp.Verbena
Butia capitataButia
Chamaerops humilisPalmetto
Cocos nuciferaCoconut tree
Erythea armataBlue palm tree
Phoenix canaeriensisCanarian palm tree
Phoenix dactyliferaDate palm
Roystonea regalRoyal palm tree
Sabal spp.Sabal
Syagrus romanzoffianaFeathery coconut
Washingtonia filiferaWashingtonia
Robust WashingtoniaWashingtonia
Dianthus plumariusCarnations
Aeonium spp.Aeonium
Agave spp.Agave
Aloe spp.Aloe
Passiflora caeruleaPassionflower
Dracaena dragoDrago
Echeveria spp.Echeveria
Kalanchoe spp.Kalanchoe
Lampranthus spp.Lampranthus
Portulaca grandifloraPortulaca
Sedum spp.Sedum
Bouganvillea spp.Bougainvillea
Lonicera japonicaHoneysuckle
Plumbago auriculataPlumbago
Tecomaria capensisTecomaria
Hedera helixIvy
Yucca spp.Yucas

As you can see, the list is quite long and surely there are many more. A trick if you need to search for a specific one to find out if it is in this list, instead of searching and searching, is to hit CONTROL + F , a search box appears at the top right. If one is selected, it is on the list and you can plant it in your coastal garden. If it is not there, one of two, either it is not on the list but it does support saline environments or it does not support them. Any questions you can consult in the forum without any problem.

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