How to remove woodworm with vinegar

Say goodbye to these disgusting bugs! For  once and for all  show you how to remove the rottenness with vinegar . A home remedy that serves many things. This product is used worldwide to eliminate any type of insects. It is a natural remedy that works on any occasion and you can use it as many times as you prefer since it does not carry any type of side effects on the skin. Because it is natural, so we recommend that you follow our instructions to achieve the goal you want.

Say goodbye to these termites right now and find the peace you need so much, saving you a lot of money and bad moods. In addition, you can keep your wooden furniture in perfect condition, don’t let this plague win you over.

Can you imagine having guests and one of them noticing that you are being visited by these intruders in your furniture? How unpleasant! They will surely never want to visit you again. So we tell you that this problem will no longer be part of your life, dedicate yourself to reading our article in its entirety and realize why this statement is made.


Although it may sound incredible, it is an insect similar to the beetle, which lives in the wood. For this reason, it can be a problem for the furniture in our houses. This little insect can become a great nuisance to our day to day, and as we have said: it can considerably hurt the style of our ornaments.

It is very small, brown in color and cylindrical in body. Believe it or not, many people do not know what it is about and that it can affect anyone in every corner of their home. We are talking about these  “bugs”  that feed on wooden furniture, but do not worry because you will learn how to eliminate woodworm quickly with vinegar.

Note: You must verify that this infection is active and how to do it? Simple, in the holes left by these termites you can see a yellowish powder, if so, it is because they are alive and are eating from your furniture.


Anabidos: they  are extremely small and are all the rage in our furniture. They have a tiny jaw and three blades, slightly curved and brown in color. It houses its eggs in fresh crevices in the wood. They are the most common.

From Parquet:  usually found on hard and damp surfaces. A little bigger than the previous ones, but they have the same destructive capacity. They are white in color and leave a very fine powder when eating.

The big one: they  lay their eggs in the bark of trees; and they are extremely large compared to the other two, they can measure from 1.2mm to 10mm. But the wood does not usually reinfest in any way.


This treatment is very simple and easy to carry out, just a couple of instruments that you can get at home are enough to achieve the goal: the death of this intruder. Likewise, we tell you that you must be disciplined when it comes to eliminating these beetles, because they do not disappear overnight.

There are few materials you need:

  • White vinegar: it is indicated to eliminate woodworm .
  • Isopropyl alcohol (you can get it at the market or the pharmacy).
  • Lemon

These three ingredients combined will do wonders to eradicate the pest. Also, you should have on hand: a wide brush, a bowl, and a sprayer if possible.

An important fact: woodworm lies mainly in the nooks and corner s  of your furniture ;  For this reason, when applying the treatment to eliminate the bugs with vinegar, you must emphasize these areas.


Now, we are going to provide you with the step by step procedure to  eliminate woodworm with vinegar, it  is very simple and easy to do. Once you verify that you are being invaded by termites, you can unleash this methodology:

  1. Pour the white vinegar into a bowl.
  2. Add lemon drops (about 3 or 4).
  3. Add a tablespoon of alcohol to the mixture.
  4. Blend for a few minutes.
  5. Then stir the mixture over the entire affected surface; covering, as we have mentioned in the previous block, the corners and each of the holes produced by insects.
  6. Let it rest for 24 hours.
  7. Repeat this procedure three times for greater effectiveness.

And voila, if you see that the problem persists, you will have to resort to other more aggressive means to attack the plague. But you can not only apply this method, you can find other means to  eliminate woodworm with vinegar  on the Internet that will be very useful. We recommend this one because it is fast and effective. You can also combine it with water, with heat or cold.

Extra tip: after finishing the disease of your furniture, try to sand and varnish them to prevent future infections. Don’t wait any longer and end these annoyances right now!


More than a companion for meals, vinegar is used to eliminate insects (woodworm), and it is also widely used in cleaning the home, it has multiple properties that will help you in any situation. Its properties help to disinfect any space and it can even be applied as a treatment against human skin fungi. Some of its many benefits are the following:

  • It is extremely inexpensive, not like those expensive cleaning products.
  • It is natural and its production is simple, they do not have any chemical product, it just goes through a fermentation process.
  • It can help you with many household tasks.
  • Releases fungi, bacteria from contaminated surfaces.
  • Whiten dark areas.
  • It has no side effects.
  • It is an excellent antioxidant.

These are some of the most relevant advantages that can be found in this product. Which makes it king over other chemical agents that can be really dangerous and infectious.

And this is how we conclude this article, wishing that these little friends left your life. This  liquid in  more than a salad dressing, give it the right use, make it your best ally!

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