Sustainable houses: how they differ from the others

Sustainable ecological houses are those that, through natural resources and renewable energies, can supply themselves and at the same time contribute to the environment. Nowadays, more and more people choose this type of housing, due to the high levels of environmental pollution that exist on planet Earth.

We are living in an era where industrialization, urban constructions and technological development have become the main engines of evolution for humanity. This has resulted in a great development in the level of quality of life of people.

However, not all the news is positive, this has also resulted in the planet earth  suffering a great deterioration in environmental terms , since the levels of pollution that have brought so much development, are having a very negative impact on health environment of planet earth.

That is why people have understood that having a home, in which they take advantage of ecological resources, can heal the world in some way or at least help to stop a little all the environmental damage, which we have caused for a long time.


Sustainable ecological houses are buildings whose main premise is to  take care of our environment , their elaboration in most cases are with natural materials, such as clay, wood, cork, lime, stone and without neglecting the resources that the sun , the earth and the rain offer.

These houses are characterized because, at the time of their execution, use and demolition, they  always leave the slightest footprint on the environment . Their designs are thought out in the most intelligent way possible, so that all the natural resources of the planet play in their favor.

There are many advantages and differences that sustainable ecological houses can have compared to a normal one, which uses blocks and cement. These are some of them:

  1. The air that circulates inside is much cleaner air, since these types of homes do not release any toxic substances.
  2. Humidity is highly controlled. If your self-sustaining ecological house is made of wood or clay, they will help you a lot to regulate indoor humidity.
  3. Power consumption is reduced to fairly low levels.
  4. Excellent levels of comfort. If you are one of those people who love nature and love to live with it, these buildings will provide a comfortable feeling of comfort and warmth.

More and more people use this type of ecological material, in order to contribute to the environment and at the same time achieve cozy spaces. More people are leaning towards sustainable houses, consequently, lately we see many constructions of this type of homes in different markets.


  1. Analyze the needs of the inhabitants: The design and the way how sustainable ecological houses will be structured, must be adequate to the requirements of the family members.
  2. Take into account the climatic conditions of the place where the home is going to be built: It is not the same to build a home in a place where the climate is calm, there is always sun and there are no strong winds or great periods of rain or snow, to do it in a place where the opposite is true.
  3. Energy saving: Whenever this type of home is built, you should think  about making the most of the electrical energy from the sun and the wind.
  4. Use renewable energy: A very good way to do it is by using solar panels. But if this tool cannot be used, there are other options. Solar thermal energy, biomass or geothermal energy .
  5. Saving water: Try to always use the least amount of water possible and try to install devices to obtain water from the rain.
  6. Use recyclable or natural materials: The use of this type of recyclable materials in sustainable ecological houses will significantly reduce both  pollution and toxic waste that a common home could have . As if that were not enough, by using natural raw materials such as straw, mud and wood, I would avoid using large transports, reducing the use of gasoline, thus contributing even more to the health of the planet.

It is never too late to do something for our planet. Taking care of it today guarantees us to leave a healthier world for future generations.


To know how much it can cost you to build sustainable ecological houses is a bit complicated, since there is no specific model that can be followed to estimate the price of this type of housing, we will give you a series of characteristics which can determine the cost of one of these private homes. In order to design a project in which everyone is happy and satisfied.

Normally this type of building  demands a higher cost than that of a regular home . However, later on we guarantee that there will be a good amortization of that first expense.  However, the economic investment will depend entirely on the space, on the quality of the materials and systems that need to be installed.

On the other hand, if you want to reduce the energy consumption of sustainable houses and at the same time produce electricity in a way that  can save as much money as possible , you must be very aware of the area where you decide to build, taking into account the more or less rainy place, with winds or with a lot of sun.

Another factor that could lower the costs of self-sustaining houses is the selection of the materials that are going to be used to build the facade and roof. An important aspect that can help to save money is the good use of the natural resources that the area can offer. For that reason, before starting any project, it would be good to do a study and analysis of the terrain. There could be wells or natural springs that can be of great help in having the water supply.

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