The advantages of padding [infographic]


In the world of infographics, there is a large part destined for the world of agriculture . Some time that another we have done something related to the garden or with the compost. However, today we find ourselves, coming from abroad, with this curious and entertaining infographic on padding.

From above we know the advantages that the padding technique gives us . We will not tire of saying it. In fact, this is not the only article we dedicate to mulching. We have an example in this post where we talked about this technique a long time ago. We show you:

The technique of mulching

However, the fact that today we provide an infographic is something different. It becomes so important in agriculture that they have even bothered to create it. A simple, flat technique and at zero cost (practically).

Whether using compost created by us, leaves or pruning, sawdust, pine needles (for soils with high pH or a lot more organic and inorganic remains), we can complement our soil and add properties that we did not have before.

We leave you this curious infographic from the hand of Mercanatura , an online store dedicated to the orchard and garden , which has just begun its journey in this sector.

We show it to you!

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