Top sulfatadoras or sprayers for garden or orchard

If we have a small garden on a terrace or balcony, we may not need it, but if the village garden, for example, already has an interesting surface area, or we simply have fruit trees , it may be time to acquire a backpack sulfater or another type to prevent pests and diseases in our crops. Today we make a review of the most popular ones and we break down their characteristics.

If we forget about the large agricultural sulphating machines that are hooked on to small or large tractors, we are left with those that we carry on our back for small productions or simply for “domestic” use.

Within the range of knapsack or sprayers we have 3 main types:

  • Manuals : The cheapest and simplest (not the worst)
  • Electrical : the drive mechanism is powered by a motor and a battery.
  • Gasoline – The drive mechanism is powered by a gasoline engine.

Which one should I choose? From the outset, before we start to see one by one we are going to see a comparative table of a few that gives us an idea of ​​where to move. In this table we will talk about the backpack ones.

Then we will comment on some more for larger extensions or even some much smaller sulphating machines for small gardens , even balcony or terrace or cultivation tables.



The most versatile

Super Green

The best rated

Bellota 3710-16
16 L
26 L
12 L
16 L
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Before entering to assess the characteristics of each one, first think about what you grow, how much to choose the best option. Let’s start with the most basic and smallest sprayers. That we can use them as sulphators.

  • These sulphators are of small capacity. They are around 2 liters because more weight means discomfort and fatigue for the arm.
  • They have an adjustable nozzle to make the exit drop thinner depending on what we want to apply.
  • The system is simple. They have a pressure chamber where the liquid is contained and a plunger in the lid that puts air in to increase the pressure. Simply by pulling the trigger, we release the pressure introduced by removing the sprayed liquid.
  • The disadvantage of these sprayers is that you have to pump very often to maintain a pressure that quickly drops.

They are ideal for small garden or city orchards . I have an orchard of about 15 m2, a couple of currants and blueberries and I’m doing great. This is the specific model that has been working very well for me for years to apply potassium soap and other products for my garden.

Other similar models. Here you can find some of more capacity with lance included. They are 5 liters. They are already used for small fruit trees or somewhat larger orchards.


Gardena 0822-20 Comfort – Hand Sprayer (5…


GLORIA Pressure sprayer Hobby 100,…

KREATOR KRTGR6805 – Pressure sulphator 5l


After seeing the simplest, it’s time to go to the most famous. The backpack sulfaters. More capacity, more comfortable to handle but with the same principle. Pumping air to retain pressure that we release with the lance applying the product.


When I was younger, I always heard people say that they were going to sulfate with the matabi. This brand became very popular precisely because of these backpacks that have been present in many towns in Spain to sulfate the orchards, or fruit trees of the orchard or field that are usually had in these places.

In the end, the team or product ended up taking the name of the brand, as has happened with CocaCola, Danone or Spontex. This literary figure called metonymy , becomes the success of a brand by monopolizing the sales of a product for years. It was also the case of the Matabi.

  • In this case, we are facing a benchmark in sulfators. With a capacity of 12 liters , more than enough for many private orchards and fruit orchards.
  • It has a lance to be able to apply in height (trees) and pressure adjustable from the lance.
  • The lance can be interchangeable with other longer or shorter ones or other types of accessories.

Technical specifications:

  •  Capacity: 12 L
  • Pressure regulator
  • Padded backpack straps.
  • Extra and interchangeable accessories (not included)
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This is a sulfater that competes directly with the classic Matabi and even slightly surpasses it in characteristics as we will now see. It is the best and most valued with more than almost 200 positive evaluations.

In characteristics it is quite similar, although Bellota assures that it allows to maintain the pressure and work uniformly without the need for so much pumping.

It consists of a stirrer attached to the pump to keep the mixture homogeneous at all times.

This consists of fan and variable cone nozzles to be able to change according to the type of spray desired.

Its capacity is somewhat greater. They are 16 liters . Of course, you have to carry them on your shoulder.

Otherwise they are very similar. Similar lance with pressure regulation . Adjustable straps

Technical specifications:

  • Capacity 16 L
  • Pressure regulator on the lance
  • Adjustable straps
  • Variable cone nozzle and fan nozzle.
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TecTake 402573 – Pressure Sprayer for …


Silverline Tools 633595 – Tank and reservoirs for …

Oregon 518769 Snap Back Garden Backpack with …


Now we are on the ground of electric sulphating machines. Constant work pressure, autonomy but the price shoots up something more. In this case, they are already recommended for a somewhat more intensive use. Let’s see examples.


Let’s start with this Bricoferr model. The most valued in the electric category.

Although the price is somewhat similar to the previous manuals, we have a complete sulfater with rechargeable battery and a compact diaphragm motor.

The advantage of these sulfates or sprayers is that the working pressure remains constant . In the hand-held sulfaters, you have to pump to maintain the pressure. If we don’t, the sulfater drops to nominal working pressure. With electrics this does not happen.

  • Its battery works at 12V and has 8Ah , which according to its manufacturer gives us up to 10 hours of continuous work , more than enough for a single charge.
  • It is a heavy sulphating machine since its weight, having an engine and battery, is going to 7.5 kg plus 16 liters of load than we want to put in the tank.

Technical specifications:

  • Capacity 16 L
  • 12v – 8Ah rechargeable battery
  • Diaphragm motor
  • Autonomy of 10 hours of work.
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It can also be the case in which we do not need a backpack of 16 liters of capacity but we do not want to give up the comfort of an electric motor.

If we have a small orchard, a couple of fruit trees, something discreet but we don’t want to be pumping and working comfortably, in this case we have options like this one here, the Keeper Forest 5.

A small-sized electric sprayer with a capacity of 5 liters and a very moderate unladen weight for greater lightness (only 1.75 kg).

Equipped with a filter and a battery that gives us a working autonomy of 70 minutes , we will have more than enough depending on what garden or orchard uses.

As a downside, if you have fruit trees, it is that the spear can be somewhat short.

Technical specifications

  • Capacity 5L
  • 70 minutes of autonomy
  • Lithium battery
  • Shoulder strap
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GLORIA AutoPump Set Pressure Sprayer -…

matabi 83140 – Electric pressure sprayer …

Matabi M231226 – Electric and + de…



Both in terms of price and characteristics, gasoline sulphating machines already fall into the professional category. Great autonomy, great spraying power, greater depots, self-propelled, fixed, even backpack.

But in this case, we are going to see a very special, versatile model , an authentic 2 in 1 because if in addition to sulfating you need a leaf blower , this is your sulfating machine.


Leaf blowers are a tool we see many gardeners around town in the fall months. But if you are lucky enough to have a large garden with ornamental deciduous trees , you will need a leaf blower to remove them from the garden when the time comes.

Well, if in addition to blowing leaves you need to sulfate, consider this 2-in-1 option from the Greencut company. Let’s see its characteristics.

  • To begin with, its capacity is 26 liters , a considerable weight to carry on your back. In addition to its 11 kg of curb weight , you have to be trained and have a harbor stevedore’s back to be able to support it. This may be its only downside.
  • It has a powerful 42c.c. 2-stroke engine. and 2.9 hp that gives it a blowing range of up to 8 meters.
  • The fuel tank is 1.2 liters that will have to be added to the mentioned weight.

But in Gardenprue we are left in doubt. It is true that it is a powerful motor but is it really capable of blowing a liquid at such a height taking into account the size of the outlet tube?

Although its manufacturer assures that it is, in the end the opinion of the users is the one that commands, and many of them end up expressing that it cannot push it beyond 2-3 meters. So do not think that we can spray at a great height or distance.

The bottom line is: If you have to buy a medium-sized, semi-professional sulfacer and also need a leaf blower, you can consider this hybrid.

Yes, no, we believe that any of the above options is the best you can opt for.

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