Benefits of the solar shower in your garden

There is nothing like taking a good dip in the typical summer heat, whether it is doing it with friends in a public swimming pool or in the comfort of your own garden sharing with the family. As is known, after cooling down in the pool it is necessary to remove the chlorinated water from the surface of the body, which can be achieved by making use of the solar shower that we find more and more in many pools.

Finding hot water in these devices can be something that requires a considerable cost for energy consumption and, in these times where sustainable methods are urgent in society, the ideal is to take advantage of natural energy sources such as sunlight and equip yourself with a good solar shower.

Undoubtedly, the use of this tool is something that positively affects both the family economy and the taking of initiatives to ensure greater protection of the environment , while leading a lifestyle where comfort and well-being prevail.


Anyone who has already experienced having a solar shower in their home knows that they work in a very simple way. The objective is to store a certain volume of water and ensure that it is heated and maintained that way until it is used after a swim in the pool, for example.

That said, a solar shower has a truly fundamental element to achieve its function, this is the solar panel.

The solar panel is responsible for capturing solar radiation and converting it into heat energy to be transferred to the mass of water that recirculates through a system of pipes that makes it reach the collecting tank for later use.

In this way, the water can reach up to 60 ° C in temperature in a sunny day while being stored in a specialized tank. It should be ensured that the collector or tank is black and thus does not cause reflection of the solar rays, as well as that it is worked with a suitable paint that takes full advantage of the rays of light produced by the sun.


The construction of a shower with a solar panel can be an important work that requires some specialized supervision, but if the person who will undertake the project at home has basic knowledge of the area, carrying it out will not be a problem.

Obviously, materials such as pipes, semi-double glass, technopor, metal tank, among other quality materials are needed to achieve a successful result that lasts over time.

In this case, the solar panel can carry, instead of photocells, a network of black pipes that are arranged in an insulated metal tank that preserves heat and covered with semi-double glass to guarantee that solar radiation penetrates into the pipes. through which the water will pass to be heated.

The piping system must flow into the collecting tank designed to preserve heat and its capacity will be determined by the needs of the garden and the size of the solar panel or collector. Finally, a pipe must be incorporated into the tank that carries the hot water directly to the solar shower for your enjoyment.

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The installation of the solar shower must also comply with certain technical parameters so that the water can be supplied efficiently as long as it is necessary. The solar panel can optimize the capture of solar radiation if it is placed perpendicular to the sun’s rays with an inclination of 60 ° C with respect to the roof of the house, which in turn varies according to the direction the sun rises. .

A system of insulated pipes must be installed to avoid heat loss and make the water reach the collecting tank, which must also be covered with technopor or some other type of insulating material that prevents changes in temperature during the night and ensures efficiency. energy of the system.

As an insurance for the storage system, the installation of a reserve tank is recommended, which must be placed with a higher height differential with respect to the first tank.

In this way, the water that exceeds the storage capacity of the first tank will go directly to the reserve tank, which allows the heating system to be used more than simply in the solar garden shower.


Depending on the materials to be used, the construction and installation of solar showers can vary in their costs, but compared to the expenses incurred by the cost of electrical energy it can be quite profitable.

As demands increase, costs increase.

For example, there are solar showers that do not work exclusively with hot water to satisfy the different needs of users, so these equipments have graduation facilities to mix the cold water from the water intake with the hot water stored in the collector, which needs extra cost.

Another element to take into consideration for costs is the shower itself, as these teams can have different types of outlet for the water that can vary depending on the tastes and requirements of each one.

As for maintenance, this is really simple and can be carried out by family members without major mishap. In this sense, the fundamental thing is to keep the heater or solar panel free of impurities, for which the panel screen must be cleaned with a soapy solution every quarter or semester.

It is very important to empty the tanks with some frequency to avoid bacterial growth or some microalgae , as well as to check each of the connections of the piping system to identify possible leaks.

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