Garden sweeper: Which one suits our needs?

When we have an esplanade in the vicinity of our house of considerable dimensions, using a brush or manual broom can become a great nuisance due to the great time invested and the ease of re-accumulating remains of leaves, flowers and other waste.

To solve this problem, the easiest and most dynamic way to keep our porch and surroundings clean is with a garden sweeper . A manual waste collection system by brush that we will simply have to push and the machine will do all the dirty work.

The advantage of the current sweepers on the market is that they offer great precision when collecting small debris, such as pine needles, small leaves, insects, etc.

Depending on the size of the plot, we can look for sweepers with different widths, so that we will clean large areas with fewer passes.




Kärcher S 650 – Manual sweeper,, 16 l tank, performance 1800 m2 / h, min area 40m2, useful width 650mm (1.766-300.0)


Kärcher KM70 / 20C barredoras, negro / gris


Kärcher S 750 (1.766-910.0)


Festnight Leaf Lawn Sweeper 103 L Black and Green
Overall rating
Tank volume
16 L
20 L
32 L
103 L
Working width
650 mm
700 mm
700 mm
550 mm
1800 m²/h
2800 m²/h
2500 m²/h
1500 m²/h


Next we are going to see what the specifications of each of them are to help you decide according to the circumstances of your land, porch or garden.


The Kärcher brand  is currently one of the best valued in garden equipment, with a reputation that has been gaining day after day with the quality of products such as pressure washers, foggers and, in this case, manual sweepers.

Technical specifications:

  • Sweeping performance: 1800 m² / h
  • Waste tank: 16 L
  • Recommended minimum area: 40 
  • Folding system 
  • Dimensiones: 60,2 x 54,6 x 53,6 cm
  • Weight: 9.7 kg

It has a working width of 650 mm, with great precision to collect small debris given the push of the extreme brushes towards the inner hopper.

This sweeper is designed for smaller surfaces, with a normal sweeping performance of up to 1800 m2 / h of work.

If we really want to increase the area cleaned by the sweeper in less time, we can move on to the superior model (we will also discuss it in this guide), the Kärcher S 750 , with a performance of 2500 m2 / h when having a working width 70 cm.

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When we want to test the real operation of the sweepers but we do not want to invest much, we can try the option of less known brands but much cheaper.

In any case, we have tried brands like this and the usual ones that Kärcher offers and the difference we found is in terms of the precision of the brush, its duration and the quality of the plastic.

Therefore, if what you are looking for is an option to speed up the cleaning of the garden, which does not tend to get very dirty, and the frequency of use is not going to be high, the Güde 16787 sweeper may be an option to choose.

Technical specifications:

  • Sweep width: 700 mm
  • Working speed: 4 km / h
  • Performance: 2000 m² / h
  • Tank: 14.5 L
  • Weight: 10.1 kg
  • Dimensiones:  80,0 x 94,0 x 13,5 mm

For the workspace of 700 mm, it offers a good performance of up to 2000 m2 / h. Its weight is appropriate so as not to have to exert a lot of force when pushing.

On the other hand, being quite ergonomic, the tank has less capacity than other brands, so we will have to clean it more frequently.

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When we have a large porch or cemented surface, the tendency is to look for a sweeper with the maximum width possible, so that the work performance increases considerably and we will make fewer passes.

The difference between the Kärcher S 750 and the Kärcher S 650, in addition to the working width, is that it has a single, larger brush capable of moving all the dirt towards the center, to incorporate it into the hopper.

It is very useful for cleaning corner areas or areas attached to the wall, since the brush has great precision and is capable of dragging even pine needles.

The advantage it has is that it can also be used for artificial grass . Although the work performance is reduced because it costs more to move the sweeper on this surface, the level of cleaning that can be achieved is quite high.

Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 12.7 kg
  • Tank volume: 32 L
  • Dimensiones: 31,5 x 96 x 70 cm
  • Performance: 2500 m² / h
  • Adjustable side brush

An important advantage of the Kärcher S 750 sweeper is that it has an adjustable brush . By means of a quite ergonomic rotating screw, we can lower or raise the brush, so that it will make more or less friction.

This comes in handy to regulate depending on the dirt. For large leaves or considerable dirt debris (more than 10 cm does not usually catch them well), the brush can be raised to avoid so much friction and wear.

On the other hand, for surfaces with a lot of dust or small debris, you can lower the brush lower to improve the precision.

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Due to the conditions of the lawn, a lot of trash from dried leaves and flowers tends to accumulate that the wind moves with relative ease.

An instrument designed to clean the lawn is the VidaXL brand sweeper, quite economical and functional, with a tank in the form of a large volume plastic bag.

The accuracy in cleaning debris is much lower than the sweepers seen previously, since it does not have the rotating brushes that we have evaluated. However, it is designed to work on lawns, so cleaning conditions change dramatically.

The cleaning method consists of small hard silicone tines that push the debris inwards, so it is intended for dirt from large leaves and not for dust or tiny debris.

Technical specifications:

  • Materials: polypropylene body + steel frame + PVC wheel + 100% polyethylene bag (100 g / m2).
  • Tank: 103 L
  • Dimensiones: 112 x 66 x 78 cm 
  • Cleaning width: 55 cm
  • Weight: 5.97 kg
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To get an idea of ​​why choosing a sweeper is that the manufacturer (in this case Kärcher) ensures that the floor is cleaned up to 5 times faster than using a broom or garden brush. 

For areas where dirt tends to accumulate such as leaf debris, dried flowers, fallen fruits or dust displaced by the wind, the task of sweeping will consist of taking several walks with the sweeper and then emptying the tank into a container.


At the garden level, a manual sweeper like the ones we have seen can perfectly replace all brushes and brooms approved for use in gardening.

However, the disadvantage is that it will not clean the dust that may accumulate, at most, when passing the brush of our sweeper it will be able to move it, but it will be deposited again.

This gardening equipment is designed to remove remains of small leaves, small twigs, fruits, flowers and any common element in a garden.

For example, you can easily collect leaves such as fig trees (quite large), pine needles, dirt debris, small pebbles, straw debris that tend to accumulate from the wind, etc.

In the case of pine needles , it has worked surprisingly well for us. It’s not to say that it picks them all up in one go, but it can drag over 90%, and that’s a lot considering these pine needles have a bit of wax that makes them easily stick to any type of soil.


We regularly clean both concrete floors and artificial grass. Regular cleaning with a sweeper is designed for solid surfaces , but it also allows us to work with artificial grass.

The effort to drag the sweeper is much greater, since the brush performs a much greater friction, but it is not a problem.


The main problems that we can associate with the use of this type of cleaning tools is whether it really removes residues that are stuck to a wall or corners, since it is common when the wind blows and garbage accumulates at a specific point.

For that case, we have tested the Kärcher S 750 sweeper and have obtained magnificent results. By having a single large brush, you can drag the rubbish stuck to the wall with relative ease.

However, you can only do it in one direction , specifically in the direction where the brush is.



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