The agrarian rebel and permaculture

It’s Monday. A hard day after the weekend. Today it is difficult to do everything, even to read. For this reason, today, we have decided to write little and recommend a video of a model example of permaculture . His name, Sepp Holzer, better known in the media as the agrarian rebel. He himself says that he is the most fined farmer in his country, however, he may be the most respectful farmer with the environment that his government “intends to preserve.”


In Gardenprue we have talked from time to time about the term permaculture. We are sure that a large percentage of you, those who follow this blog, know the meaning of the term and its philosophy and fundamentals. In case there are still people who have not heard of it, we refer you to the article we made in its day where the foundations and philosophy of permaculture are explained It is worth taking a look before reading this post if you do not know what it is about.

As we have said, we do not want to lengthen this post today with text because what is really interesting is in the video that is shown below. An Austrian farmer, Sepp Holzer and his wife, have managed to establish an ecosystem integrating permaculture in the full Alps, at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level. Terraces, ponds, traditional varieties, rustic, fruit trees, pigs that plow the land, pumpkin crops in the heat of the rocks … An experience that shows us how with much, much effort and dedication it is possible to integrate an agricultural system with a minimal impact on natural ecosystems. A closed circle of energy use in all areas that surprises for its apparent simplicity even though it has taken years to achieve it. Enjoy it.

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