The vertical gardens

Today we show you the impressive use of walls to create vertical gardens . Its visual impact is magnificent and it is indicated for interior walls, building walls, etc. We are going to show you some very curious vertical garden systems, in case you like it and want to hire a company in the sector. Let’s see it!



The concept of vertical gardens usuall refers to a modern way of growing vertically, but it has many variations. Some of them are impracticable for us because we do not have sufficient means, and in which case we must hire related companies. But on the other hand, there are variants of home vertical gardens whose results are magnificent. An example? Well, a wall with recyclable PET bottles that form the livelihood of plants, such as the one in the photo.


This is a different concept from vertical gardens as we know them. They are no longer large areas to be covered with plant covers, but rather small spaces, pictures, windows, room corners, etc. Yes, it seems surprising but there are pictures of plants! As if it were a 3d television . The only thing that these kinds of things are very difficult to get on our own, except modules that can be purchased in stores. What we mean is that if, for example, you had a deserted wall, perfect to set up a Green Work, you would need expert hands, designers, etc., since, for example, the main problem is the installation of irrigation, microtubes that avoid converting your living room in a pond;).


The assembly of a vertical garden is more complex than a priori we can suppose. It must be taken into account that the walls must be waterproofed (the enemy of a structure is humidity), that it must have a special irrigation system, thermal insulation, collection of excess water, etc. A vertical garden model that can be used by many architects and landscapers would be the one in the following photo, where the different materials that make up vertical gardens are distributed layer by layer.


Vegetable air conditioning is a pioneering combination system for the air conditioner and vertical gardens . A simple way to explain the mechanism is as follows. It would be about placing a vertical garden right at the air outlet (the typical grilles of a ventilation system). The vegetal mantle acts as a particle filter, increases the air performance and the comfort in the room. You can get more information through the link in the photo above.

Little more to say. Day by day you will observe that vertical gardens increase in the city. It not only improves urban aesthetics but also contributes to environmental improvement (where there are plants there is health). This entry has been as an example and as a curiosity of the different options of vertical gardens that there are, and that not only focus on the vegetal covers that we can see in a building, there are also them for interiors

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