The lettuce revolution, urban gardens


At Gardenprue we always have orchards in mind and we love the idea that each user dedicates a small plot of their home to having a garden. Either because of the crisis or because of the new ecological and saving mentality, that urban gardens are living their golden cycle. Will they continue to grow or will they return to their course when the crisis is over?

The lettuce revolution is global, like the crisis. Perhaps it is these 2 ingredients that have placed urban gardens right where they are now, at their all-time highs. The convenience of the supermarket is gradually being replaced by the slow and careful maintenance of a home garden. There will always be the urbanites who have never heard of this but the countryside is getting closer and closer to the city and not the other way around, as has happened in the last century.


A garden brings you many things  as we saw in previous articles, but if we specify, in this green revolution what predominates is ecology and saving money. However, this concept goes much deeper than the simplicity of environmentalism and money, and goes a little further. As recounted in the article in the newspaper El Mundo , it
is a commitment to a new economic and social model, a revolutionary gesture and a way of valuing things.

When we buy a kilo of tomatoes in a supermarket we do not know its value apart from the monetary one, we pay and we go. When the equivalent of that kilo of tomatoes is grown in an urban garden, we see the plant grow day by day, we water it, fertilize it, protect it from pests and diseases and collect it. Finally when we put a piece of tomato in our mouth, we enjoy it and savor it and, in short, we eat it with gusto. The why is clear. Because we are knowing the exact value of things.


Day by day we see proposals for urban gardens that are not only limited to taking advantage of a piece of land on a plot. For example, in Central Park more and more you can see orchards that take advantage of the rooftops to cover them with crops, balconies full of pots with vegetables (what is known as pot orchards), cultivation tables, vertical gardens, etc.

On the other hand, there are many companies that are starting up in the world of orchards, and we can almost see how each city has its grouping of orchards, where land is rented to cultivate in them. We also have the social network that communicates people who have land to rent with people who are willing to cultivate on it, in exchange for a percentage of the harvest, as in the case of shared gardens .

We want to contribute our grain of sand, with the little help that we contribute by publicizing information related to the issue of urban gardens,  and we carry many articles dedicated to this concept behind us.

And many more articles in our Ecological Garden category .

We recommend you watch this video where you can see the transformation of New York into a green city. 😉

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