What is the best way to preserve dried flowers?

Find out now some ideas for  drying as well as preserving natural dried flowers , including: sunflowers, tulips, lilies and many more. I will give you some tips and all the information so that you can preserve the desired floral. But first, as with all these special techniques, you need to know more about what the method is about.

There are people who like to buy bouquets or dried flowers to decorate the home or keep a flower of a special moment as a souvenir. Without a doubt, these can be kept natural since there are special sealants for this purpose. A common one that you can have in your house is hairspray.

It is very easy to apply this  splash  so that they remain firm and shiny. Although many times they tend to fall apart or break, you can spray glycerin as a water replacement for the leaves, thus leaving them much softer. A dry floral can last more than 3 years  with proper care.


Here are some basic, easy-to-apply ideas for preserving and drying plants or flowers for later use.

Step by step process:

  1. Clean the dust carefully using a hair dryer as a dry plant becomes brittle and fragile . This way you will avoid damaging them and being able to remove the dirt that they usually collect when they are preserved.
  2. Apply hairspray in the form of irrigation to keep them beautiful and thus avoid the accumulation of dirt.
  3. Spray with water and glycerin to remove dust only to the roses, daisies or peonies since once they are sealed, they remain in perfect condition.
  4. Bear in mind that a very open flower is very likely to fall off the stem, it is better to be slightly closed, because this guarantees a longer conservation time. This is to take into account before drying the plant.

An extra curious fact that you should know is that depending on the color of the petals such as purple, light blue or violet, they can last longer than other colors such as red, yellow or orange.


First of all, a floral sealer is a non-toxic spray that serves to maintain the beauty of the petals. There are actually many commercial brands that can work, but you need to know some drying techniques to make it easy for you to dry and preserve dried flowers.

  • Drying by pressing : This method is widely used today for making stationery, portrait frames, or simply storing a flower with a special meaning. However, the correct way to do it is to wrap in newspapers to absorb the moisture and leave it inside a heavy book for about ten days.
  • Air drying : this technique has also been used for a long time, the intention is to maintain the volume of floral bouquets. If you want to let long-stemmed bouquets or bouquets dry, this form is the most suitable. Since they are tied with convenient volume and hang down for added effect, you can also apply the sealer to see better results.
  • Sealed in the oven : it is not very usual but it works very well for when they are needed in original size. This technique works best with flowers with a lot of petals, for example: camellias, chrysanthemums, etc. If you don’t have a large oven, you can use the microwave you have at home and that’s it.

These are not the only drying and sealing methods, there are many more, but these will be of great help in case you are going to do a practice at home.


The natural or artificial floral technique is a widely used method to decorate spaces either at home, for meetings or parties. These are super simple ideas that can help you and that I hope you like.

  1. Decorate the wall:  petals  or bouquets are placed  in different ways, as if it were to simulate a tapestry and at the same time it can be combined with portraits or figures. The fact is that you play with your imagination and creativity, which even hanging from the ceiling can work very well.
  2. Centerpieces : undoubtedly this technique has a lot of scope because you can have thousands of ideas. For example, the conventional  centerpieces  or  corner vases , reuse light bulbs or glass containers and introduce flower one by one, creating a great decorative effect.
  3. Candles with dried flowers : it is very common to get scented candles with beautiful decorations in the bathroom. Try to decorate the candles in the bathroom or for any special occasion in your own way.
  4. Special Gifts : You can decorate the gift wraps with a personal and sophisticated touch.
  5. Others : other notions to create, can be  portraits, lamps, postcards, jewelery, glasses , etc.


If you are looking for a particular conservation plant, perhaps this list will help you make your decision better:

Without a doubt, they are the most ideal to preserve without any problems, they  can last more than 3 years in perfect condition .


The wonderful art of drying and preserving dried flowers is very broad, but how can you preserve longer cut rose bouquets or panicles? I invite you to know the step by step process of this simple strategy.


This is a very common wild plant at weddings, at first glance they are very delicate but the truth is that they are very resistant to decorate any social event. The process to preserve it is very easy, since it goes like this:

  1. Dissolve glycerin in warm water.
  2. Place only the stem in contact with the liquid, thus leaving the flower upwards.
  3. Leave for a period of 5 to 7 days.
  4. Remove after an estimated time and place down in the open air to dry. And it would be ready!


It is the most desired plant by all for its great beauty and for its different uses. Women dream of drying that bridal bouquet in a special way or preserving those dried flowers with great sentimental significance. This is the step by step of how to do it:

  1. Keep the rose in good condition, once it is cut.
  2. Hang down.
  3. Spray hairspray to prevent petals from loosening.
  4. Apply sealer for best results.

These methods almost always apply to all wild plants. With some you must be more careful as they can be very delicate.

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